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In the event of a medical or other emergency how will the emergency responders gain quick access to a victim/patient in a locked home?

Fire Departments in La Paz, Mohave and Yuma Counties are in partnership with Western Arizona Council of Governments and are implementing a new pilot program.  Knox Boxes have been donated to each of area fire departments to issue, on loan, to senior citizens 60 years of age or older, so that access can be made quickly to provide essential care and services to secured/locked homes decreasing the chances of property damage that can be caused with forced entry.

Western Arizona Council of Governments: Area Agency on Aging (WACOG:AAA) and your local fire department are attempting to address a recent study conducted by Boston University that shows 30% of older adults fall in their homes each year.  Of these falls, 20% result in physical injury.  In addition, in 2011, The American Heart Association estimated that 82.6 million American adults have Cardio Vascular Disease.

A Knox Box is a small, safe-like, box that attaches to the home or entry door.  A key to the home is placed inside the box.  The box can only be assessed by a special key that the fire department carries with them at all times.  These boxes are very secure as access to the key is limited.

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